‘Monotype’ Machines in the Making.”

This consists of a description of the Monotype works at Salfords, illustrated with black and white photographs by Guy Gravett.

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Sorting things out: At some point between this Spring 1953 issue and the Autumn 1956 issue, Monotype commissioned Peak Film Productions to make two films:

◦ “Making Sure” at the Monotype Works: How the Machines are Made
◦ “Making Sure” at the Monotype Works: Type Faces in the Making

In roughly the same period, they also produced two issues of The Monotype Recorder on the same subjects. Both issues were illustrated with photographs by Guy Gravett.

◦Vol. 40, No. 1 (Spring, 1953): “‘Monotype’ Machines in the Making” ( this present issue)
◦Vol. 40, No. 3 (Autumn, 1956): “‘Monotype’ Matrices and Moulds in the Making” ( see below)

The second of these (40.3, Autumn 1956) was expressly produced as a companion issue to the second of the films ( Type Faces in the Making – which was really about making matrices, of course). In addition to the photographs by Gravett, it contained stills from the film.

Monotype Corp., The Monotype D Keyboard (1919)
1068 Monotype Corp., Het Monotype D toetsenbord (1919)
3478 Monotype Corp., Beschrijving van de Monotype zetmachine (1958)
3462 Monotype Corp., The Monotype casting machine manual (1952)
3464 Monotype Corp., The Monotype keyboard oparator’s manual (1952)