The Printers rnan’s joy, American Type Founders Company (1905)

atf-specimen (bekijk online)

THE PRINTER MAN’S JOY: Treating Of the Origination and Founding of Chap-Book Borders and Ornaments. To Which is Added a List of the Types & Characters. Large quarto, illustrated wrappers with cover design and layout by Will Bradley, printed in yellow, red and green, 32 pages, stapled, illustrated. Beautifully printed and designed, with numerous pictorial woodcuts and ornaments, on every page, by Will Bradley. The ornaments are printed in appealing shades of brown, green or orange. Also prints Will Bradley’s calendar for 1905. A fine copy; very attractive. First edition [Bambace page 180: “Bradley cover, layout, borders and designs. . Introduces Bradley’s Chap-Book Cuts, his interpretation of Joseph Crawhall’s colonial-style ornaments.”].

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